Textile quilted book «The Town in the snuffbox»

The book is based on the work of Vladimir Odoyevsky "The Town in the snuffbox".

The illustrations in the book are painted in the "batik" technique on natural silk and quilted with cotton filler. The pages with the text are made on polyester fabric. The text is printed by sublimation printing, the pattern around the text is painted in the "batik" technique. The fabric is also quilted with cotton filler. The book consists of 14 textile pages ( 7 sheets). All pages are stitched together. The spine of the book is lined with quilted silk.

The book was created to take a child into the magical world of reading, to develop a greater interest in reading fiction and foster a love of books. Natural silk satin is used for the pages, with different three-dimensional textures that engage not only the visual, but also the tactile perception of the child.
The book can be read, played with, taken to bed, and even slept on without fear of crumpling or tearing it.
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