Velvet Quilted Scarf "White Moths"

For those who like to gracefully and neatly decorate their necks in the cold. The scarf is made of completely natural materials, consists of three layers - the top layer of soft velvet (80% viscose, 20% cotton), an inner filling of 100% cotton, the third layer in contact with the body is made of soft silky Italian cotton.
The velvet is hand-painted in the "batik" technique, the layers are connected by decorative stitching. The scarf has an anatomic shape - it expands in front, and for a snug fit a slot is made in the scarf, into which the second end of the scarf is slipped. Thus, there are no twisted layers of fabric on the neck, and the neck looks slim, and the coat in the shoulders sits correctly on the figure.
The length of the scarf - 105 cm, the width in the narrow part - 9 cm, in the wide - 12 cm.

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