Maiden Mountain

Legend of the Castle Mountain in Vitebsk.
"In the depths of the Castle Mountain, hidden from human eyes, lived a sorceress princess. The princess's luxurious palace was illuminated by numerous lights. It was guarded by lions. Nearby, to the right, there were mountains of gold, and to the left – diamonds. On the eve of Ivan Kupala Day, to show her wealth to the people, the sorceress would emerge from her underground lair and scatter these jewels around her, but as soon as anyone touched them, the gold and diamonds would turn to dust, and the sorceress herself would disappear…"

Such legends about treasures hidden in the bowels of ancient fortresses are recorded in many places in Belarus. Often these fortresses were popularly called "Maiden Mountain". Archaeological excavations sometimes find here pagan sanctuaries where our ancestors offered their simple treasures as sacrifices.
And the Dvina River, flowing near the Castle Mountain, still occasionally leaves small items from our ancestors on the shore in spring, or perhaps it’s the underground princess casting aside her out-of-fashion ornaments…)
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