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About me
Dear guest, I am happy to welcome you to my creative space.

The main direction of my creative activity is painting, lyrical landscape.

Most often the motifs of my paintings are modest secluded places, devoid of bustle and active movement, living their own unhurried mysterious life, where my soul was lucky to experience bright and happy emotions. To capture the fragility and fleetingness of the moment, to allow myself and then the viewer to plunge once again into that moment of subtle happiness - the state for which I create my paintings.

In my works I use the technique of oil painting multilayered thin glaze in combination with solid volumetric strokes. This technique most fully helps me to express all the emotions and feelings evoked by the landscape.

Another significant direction of my creativity is painting on fabrics in different batik techniques. I like batik for its spontaneity and unpredictability. The paint flows on the fabric according to its mysterious laws, giving rise to unique effects and prompting a new creative solution. And often in the process of work I feel like a spectator, admitted to the delightful mystery, the final of which is always an unexpected and pleasant surprise. From these sensually painted fabrics I create clothes, accessories, furnishings and decorative panels for you.

I have a higher art education:1994-1999 Vitebsk state univerity named P.M, Masherov, Vitebsk, Belarus, art graphic faculty.

Constantly improving my skills and abilities, taking part in international exhibitions and competitions.

In 2011 with the work of curtains "Sea Stories" I became the winner of the contest "The Mystery of magical waves" held in the framework of the International exhibition of arts and crafts "Paintings of the Soul. Belarus, Minsk, 2011.

In 2018 I won Best Award for the design in the category "bags" and a prize place in the category "hats" in the design competition Taito fashion Zakka fair 2018, Japan, Tokyo.

In 2019 I won Best Award in the category "Headwear", as well as a special award from the judge for the same work in the design competition Taito fashion Zakka fair 2019, Japan, Tokyo.

Enjoy your time in my virtual gallery!